Santa Fe

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Santa Fe

Sculpted by artist’s hands. Sophisticated. Solar lighting refined for luxury.

With an elegance born of MacArthur Fellow and sculptor Tom Joyce’s custom design, the Santa Fe presents a refined aesthetic that augments the beauty of any location. The top of the luminaire cleverly and invisibly accommodates a solar panel that provides additional power and savings. Designed for application in a range of outdoor area lighting, the Santa Fe can be easily customized, including light temperature, luminaire shape, and grid power capability, to maximize its versatility.

Height: 15 feet
Weight: 300 lbs
Added Features: Timer and Dimming
Light Output: varies based on customer needs

“We wanted a lot—lights that were free from the grid, powerful enough to be used in a large public park and beautiful. To get everything I need in one package is what made Noribachi so unique to work with. We expect these lights to set a national standard that other cities and parks” – Fabian Chavez, Director of Santa Fe’s Parks, Trails and Watershed Division.
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