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The Escher line takes a new approach to solar aesthetics. The unique hexagonal design is both visually striking and allows for easy system adaptation through the simple addition of extra panels in a tessellated pattern. This unique ability to add panels to a system makes the Escher an incredibly adaptable solar technology for urban areas that traditionally have less available space. Multiple, smaller tiles can be more easily accommodated on small roofs, and in areas that are not uniformly flat. Additionally the hexagonal panel shape is only available from Noribachi and sets the Escher panel apart from all competitors. The Escher line is available in a range of color options, as well as an alluring glass-on-glass design.

Striking. Adaptable. Unique. The Escher solar tile system.

  • Size: ~762mm x 762mm x 40mm
  • Weight: ~7kg
  • Material: Glass, tedlar, aluminum
  • Power: ~60-100w
“Both the Escher and Euclid panel performed very well in our testing, with above average efficiencies of about 90w (for the Escher) and 300w (for the Euclid). Mounting the panels is solved through some innovative clamping options, and the glass-on-glass lamination felt very sturdy. If I were considering designer solar these would definitely be in the running, and are definitely carving a welcome niche in an otherwise aesthetically challenged market!”
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