The Celestite is a T8 LED tube with warm or cool white light and an internal driver. It achieves more than 80% energy reduction compared to incandescent lamps and up to 50% compared to T8 fluorescent tubes. With proprietary variable reflectance technology that allows more precise light focus and anodized aluminum housing for heat distribution, the Celestite is by far the best solution for your commercial needs.
Price: $40.95
4ft (+$15.93)
Beam Angle:
Color Temp:
Housing Color:

The last time a light bulb was this interesting it was 1880 and Edison had finally gotten his patent through the courts. 130 years later, Qnuru introduces the next great idea in lighting.  Meet the Prism line from Qnuru. These UL and CE certified LED bulbs are color temperature customizable, dimmable, and downright the best-looking lighting options available. With a variety of bulb types, Prism LED bulbs are sure to be compatible with your current light fixture. Prism bulbs have no mercury, lead, or harmful gases, making them not only more energy efficient but safer as well. With energy savings of up to 80%, an estimated 60,000+ hour bulb lifetime, and a standard 3 year warranty you can be sure that Prism LED bulbs are built to last. Talk about a good investment in your future.

Length: 2 ft.//4 ft.
Diameter: 1.38in
Weight: 1.625
Power Consumption: 9.5 watts/17 watts
Replaces: T8 fluorescent tube
Specification Sheet
“My first impression of the Qnuru LEDs when I first got them out of their (stylish) boxes is that they feel very high quality. I was expecting light, plastic-y bulbs and instead I got heavy, solid ones […] Not all LED bulbs are good, but these ones are. They use even less power than the CFLs they replace, they provide good quality light, they turn on instantly, and they're sturdy.” –Michael Graham Richard, Treehugger.com
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